My name is Lucy Johnson, I am a film and video maker. I also work using mixed media. I have had my work shown in diverse settings, from galleries to television.


You can find me on Twitter at @lucyjohnson, where I tweet about my passion for education and technology.



Recent Projects

‘Status’, delivered a video for YouTube and provided tutorial and services on Twitter and the Social Web regarding personal branding and distribution (2013)


'digital suss Digital Literacy for the Nation' ongoing, appeared at The Magdalen Street Festival (2012) and The Tuckswood Fair (2013) where I worked in conjunction with the community


'Poetry in Wood' a record of a participatory arts project, Southwark Arts Forum Open Exhibition at Tower Bridge (2012)




I work with individuals, groups and organisations on short and long term digital creative projects. I am a film and video maker and I have teaching, marketing and sales expertise also.




Telephone: 07753 314087


Twitter: @creativeducator

Skype: Clumie


I look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to ask any question about the work that I do.